Things To Know Before You Switch Your Modeling Agency

Breaking your connections with a modeling agency will always be a hard thing to do especially if you’re there for a long time.

Whether it’s for 2 years or 2 months cutting ties will never be easy but sometimes it’s mandatory if you want to progress in your modeling career. The time will come when you feel like swapping markets or simply feeling like the agency you work for isn’t thinking for the best of your career.

Whatever the reasons maybe there will come a time where switching agencies will be the most important step you need to take for the future of your career. However, before you take that decision you need to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons or following the right legal way.

Top Reasons Why You’re Switching Modeling Agencies

Your agency is no longer working for you. If your agency doesn’t prioritize you and has stopped giving you jobs then you need to sit down and have a serious talk with them or your agents and find out why this is happening. Goes without saying that the industry may go slow at times but if your bookings dropped drastically then you need to think for the future of your career. Your agency may have stopped submitting you for any job thinking you’re not the right fit and that has to change one way or another.

The Clients Are Not For Your Category.

Another reason models switch agencies it’s their clients. Your category may not fit the agency you’re working for therefore you will have fewer contracts. For example if you’re a fashion model but your agency favors commercial jobs you should change the agency as soon as possible for the sake of your modeling career.

Your agency doesn’t support you and your goals.

It’s your agency’s duty to accomplish the goals you set for your modeling career. If you feel like that’s not the case with this one we suggest leave since nobody is happy. One thing you can do before you leave is to re-evaluate your goals to see if they are archivable. You can speak with your agent to know whether your agency is aware of your goals or they are simply not supporting them.

You And Your Agent Are Not The Best Friends.

Agents aren’t here to be your best friend. For your career you only need to have a professional relationship with them unless they are someone familiar to you like a parent or guardian. If you don’t feel like you can speak to your agent or you’re uncomfortable with the jobs he gives you then we suggest you move on to another agency or change agents.

Bad reputation agency.

Many modeling agencies have a bad reputation in the industry mostly due to their unprofessional organization and other related factors. We suggest you move on to another agency when the one you have right now has a reputation for losing their clients or models.

A better opportunity has come up.

Everyone wants a better place to work. If another agency offers you better jobs, terms and better clients we suggest you take your chance and move on. Before you take that step do your homework about the agency before you rush in. There are many agencies that offer big numbers just to buy you off.

Why You Should Stay

Maybe the agency you’re currently working with is small and you may think that it doesn’t fit your needs. However keep in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better. Big agencies tend to have more challenges and models are always in competition with each other.

The sort of challenging environment isn’t something everyone can handle. Also keep in mind that big agencies already have their main star so you may not get the exposure you thought you would.


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