Importance Of Free Space At Universities

We always need free space in many things. We need free space in our computer’s or phone’s memory in order to save and use different applications and files.

We also need space in our room to put all the things that we have, to arrange them and to make our room how we like it.

Free space is applied everywhere and it is something that we seek nowadays and a good reason for this is because we are still tending to live in small places with lots of people.The last sentence that we said above are related with big cities.

In these cities the space of people to live is becoming smaller than ever. Anyways, we don’t want to keep talking about cities but we will talk about university.We will mention some reasons why it is important for universities,to have free space in its surroundings.

One of the main reasons as well as advantages at the same time is related with stress. Having free spaces in university is very calming and thus it helps in lowering the stress levels for students.

Another reason why it is very important to have free space at university, which may also consists in green space, which would be the best case, is related with students performance. According to studies, it is believed that the free spaces, especially green spaces, can help students to have better performance and results.

It is actually really good to know such an interesting curiosity because people don’t really understand the importance of something. Anyways, the free space at campuses is very important and it is also the reason why many wonderful and prestigious universities have free spaces around them.


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