Benefits When You Have a Bunk At Your Campus Room !

Campuses can change depending on the university or college you study in, some will be with three roommates and some other can be with less space.

But there is a special bed called bunk that can save a lot of space and can fit more people in the same room,

more people can mean more stress but it can mean more fun when it comes to organization a party at the room.

But no one likes to sleep in the higher part of the bunk because when you come exhausted and drunk from a party there is a high chance for you to fall from the second floor and break something.

But having a personal space can be a problem when it comes to share the same campus room with three other, so you have to get used to share things if you want to survive at colleges.

Girls have no problem sharing room spaces, for them is comes natural because they are used to share thing since little girls and can take care of themselves much better than boys, boys need their moms to survive they don’t know even what to eat and its normal for them to discus before setting up some rules and sharing a bunk because no one wants to sleep up.

Here are some of the best photos taken at the campuses rooms of girls that look just gorgeous.


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