How Green Are Nowadays Universities

When we say that how much green are nowadays universities, what comes to your mind? Are you just thinking about trees, plants and grass? Well, talking about green universities is not just about trees and grass but about many other things.

What we want to discuss in this article is of course related with the environment. You all know how much important is the environment for us and not only for us.The environment is also important for our descendants. To protect the environment is way more important for our descendants than for us because we do not see the benefits of protecting the environment but those who will come after us will see.The topic is also related with the university and this is meaningful for a lot of reasons. We cannot say that universities are green or that they aren’t green at all because there is no such thing. What is the most important thing for universities is to make projects about protecting the environment.Of course that, universities have a great influence to all the students but not only. Since it is influential to students, it is also somehow influential for their parents. This means that university has a great influence in the society in which we are living nowadays.It is a god thing for the society if the universities were more engaged in the environmental issues and problems. They can make really good researches and make amazing plans about helping our environment which would benefit the society.

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