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Do Nowadays Student Girlss Like Flowers Anymore

The title of the article may be a little bit strange and some of you guys may be thinking that this kind of topic is not so important to be discussed but you know what, we think that it is and also we are pretty sure that after

you read the whole article you all are going to think the same and agree with us. It is not only about flowers but it is also about what do nowadays students appreciate and like.Nowadays students like to stay in internet all day, to comment and to like the posts of their virtual friends and to pretend like they are having a really beautiful life. The problem is that they are not having a beautiful life, at least not in internet.The beautiful life is not in the internet but it is in the real life. The beautiful life for students is to gather together at the late nights and to talk about different topics while outside their house’s window is raining or snowing.The beautiful life is for students when they go out with friends and do not care whether it is raining or not, they are going to keep playing. This is what we call beautiful life and of course that we call flowers as a very beautiful thing.There may be student girls who laugh when someone gives them flowers but if you may ask their parents about it, they will like the gesture. The gap between students’ generations is really big but we are not sure whether it is the right path in which we are going.

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